Our Commitment to the Environment

As part of our commitment to the environment,  BBF Technologies has taken the following steps:

  • Recycling all paper, plastics and wood to reduce impact on area landfills. Our program yields over 500,000 lbs of material annually
  • Converting accounting and sales documents and reports to Paperless Filing Systems, thereby saving paper, our natural resources, and reducing storage of archived files.
  • Installing occupancy sensors in all offices, workstations, conference rooms and warehouses. The energy savings is approximately 25% in wattage used.
  • Computer-operated zoned air control systems to concentrate air conditioning and heating only as needed.
  • Encourage recycling and reuse of pre-owned office furniture
  • Shipping product directly to job site, where reasonable, to save on carbon emissions

These steps may be small, but the impact can still be meaningful for the Pacific Northwest and the world. We encourage you to join us for a better environment and a better tomorrow.

BBF is eco-friendly