Wafer Demounter

After the wafer has been polished, it has to be removed from the polishing plate.  We can help make this cumbersome task a bit more manageable.  Whether you are using a template or a wax mounted wafer, we can build you a machine that utilizes a focused high-pressure stream of water to remove the wafer from the plate.  The wafer then travels down a slide with water into your cassette.  The wafer then gets indexed for the next one and sits under water until the operator is ready to remove the cassette.  These units can be configured to operate manually or fully automated where the operator loads the plate, presses start and the machine does all of the work.  The operator then just has to remove the plate and place a full one back on and repeat the operation.  The system can be designed to handle a single size wafer or be configured to operate with multiple sizes, ranging from 4-inch to 12-inch wafers.